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8 Habits Of Highly Effective Google Managers via @tbi_warroom + 2

Great article on effective managers

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Last week an old article trended on LinkedIn that caught my attention, it was a list of 8 attributes that Google identified in good managers and 3 pitfalls (Read the article here).  I loved the list and think its a great starting point but there were two I wanted to add (one kind of addressed in the pitfalls list).

First (well 9th I guess) is be consistent – it is important for your employees to know what to expect in certain situations, whether its how flex time works (or the ability to use flex time), how and when to get approval for certain tasks, etc…  If on Monday you tell an employee they are permitted to make a decision on a certain topic, and then Friday you come down on them for making that same decision you will not only hurt morale but also performance as they will need…

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Recruiting for IT Pro Tip – Hire a Good Person, You Can Teach the Tech

Over the years I have found that many companies are so hyper focused on finding someone with X skill set to fit a new job opening.  In so many cases they want, no expect someone to come from an almost identical industry, with identical experience to what they do.  In reality, there is no business like your and no IT group like yours.

If you focus on finding someone with a technical background with the skill sets you are looking for, but focus not on the technical aspects, but on the their personality, work ethic and ability to fit in with your team and the company as a whole.  Your infrastructure is going to be very different from what they had in the past so you will spend at least the first 60-90 days showing this person your policies, procedures and politics anyways (yes every company has politics so lets be realistic about teaching new employees how to successfully navigate them).

Now, instead of having a new employee who may have come from the same industry, you have someone who fits your companies culture and learned about your environment so they can apply their experience and expertise into helping your team be successful.

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